Stop Thinking; Start Doing

So you want to start a startup but can’t get past the first hurdle. You can’t decide on your startup idea. You have too many ideas and don’t know how to choose one. Or you have one great idea, but something always gets in the way of you executing it. Sound familiar?

The answer is simple. Pick One. Work on it. Learn from it.

Your idea will be wrong, almost certainly. That shouldn’t stop you doing it. How will you get experience without making mistakes?

“Good Judgement Comes with Experience; Experience comes from Bad Judgement” 13th century, via Mark Suster, Jim Horning and others

As my old music teacher used to shout at our chorus, when we sang quietly because no-one really knew the piece: “Sing Louder! How can I tell you you’re wrong if I can’t hear you”.

The only sure way to fail is to not start. Start singing louder so you can hear your mistakes!