How To Migrate to Angular2

Just back from AngularConnect 2015 in London (October 2015), and I’m enthused about all the great new stuff in Angular 2.

Only problem is, everything has changed and I’ve only just got the hang of Angular 1.

So, while I prepare to launch my new Angular/Firebase front-end to Luzme which uses Angular1, I want to start skilling myself up with Angular 2, for the next major release.

So this is my plan: take it step-by-step, and write about each step so I can share with others on the same journey, and learn from the comments and questions along the way.

This is the plan

At each step, I will write a failing test which introduces the next step.

I will commit that test, so you can see how to write such a test.

I will blog about what the step is and why it’s necessary. And what I needed to do to make the test pass.

I’ll commit that as a tagged version in github, so you can see at each step how to get from A to B.

Here’s the repo: