Pubs, music and friends

We’re facing a prolonged period when we have to stay at home.

I want my favourite pubs to stay in business, so I can look forward to sharing a beer with a friend in the future.

I want my favourite musicians to still be making music, so I can dream of the day when I can enjoy watching you or playing with you again.

Here’s an idea I’m playing with.

We can stream the music, we can get beer as takeaway from a pub. These things are happening already.

Let’s tie the two together.

We put together an evening of music; I suggest we take the Pressure Valve format and have a few bands or musicians each doing a short slot from home.

We promote it in advance.

We each nominate our favourites pub, and book some takeaway beer in advance.

We promote it to our local friends, so when I pick my beer up, I can also pick up yours (minimising social interaction).

The pub promotes it to their regulars.

We set up an online page so people can share comments about the music or the beer. Or anything else. Just like a real pub.

And we shake the donation tin (just like the original Pressure Valve events) to share between the promoters and musicians.

It’s a win all round:

- The pubs sell more beer (or lager or food or whatever)

- The musicians make some money, doing what they love

- We get to enjoy an evening out, from the comfort of our own home.

- The breweries keep brewing Real Ale

What’s not to like?

We need :

- At least one pub who does takeaway beer. I’m nominating my local, Winstons.

- At least one musician. Janice, I know you’re in… Half of Melee live together so we can add some tunes from home

- Someone to promote the hell out of it. Phil, you in?

- Someone to sort the Internet/donations out. That’s me…

I’ve got the takings from the last jam session I can use as seed money.