Pubs, music and friends

We’re facing a prolonged period when we have to stay at home. I want my favourite pubs to stay in business, so I can look forward to sharing a beer with a friend in the future. I want my favourite musicians to still be making music, so I can dream of the day when I can enjoy watching you or playing with you again. Here’s an idea I’m playing with.

NetlifyCMS: a quick way to setup a static blog with a web admin interface

I need to quickly set up a blog to help share some neighbourly information. NetlifyCMS is my friend. Go to Click “Get Started” Choose to start with a Hugo Site Starter (since that’s what I’m familiar with); also available are Gatsby, Middleman and Preact. Click “Deploy to Netlify” (where I already have an account) Provide access to my Gitlab account A few minutes later, I have a deployed barebones site, with the content stored under version control in Gitlab.

How To Migrate a Website from Wordpress to Hugo

I decided to migrate this website from Wordpress to Hugo for two reasons: Static websites are faster than database-driven Static websites are cheaper Here’s how I did it. 1. Decide Whether Leaving WordPress Is Possible 3 Things to consider before leaving Wordpress Search Forms plugins 1.1 Search details various options for adding search to your Hugo website. 1.2 Forms My preferred site for hosting is currently Netlify.

What does a DevOps person do all day when they're not actively deploying things?

When I do DevOps, my ideal day is sitting with my feet up in the sunshine, doing very little active work. The monitoring alarms aren’t going off; the server alarms are quiet. The developers are happy; the managers are smiling. That’s the purpose of DevOps. To put in place the system that means the workflow between customer - manager - engineer happens without your active input. Because the team has spent time building a devops system that means everyone can just keep working without having to stop and wait for someone else to say “OK, start again”.

Running out of disk space on OSX

I just recently ran out of space on my relatively new OSX desktop machine, which came with over a 1TB. Strange! I thought. Downloaded the excellent (and free) OmniDiskSweeper and let it run. Well, that would explain it. Nearly 1 TB of core files in /cores. Removed them and set the hard limit to prevent their creation. And suddenly I have a very much happier machine :)

How I Installed Kubernetes From Scratch on a Bytemark VM

I run Luzme, an ebook search system, which runs 24x7 on about 30 virtual machines in 7 countries on 6 continents. This article explains how I setup Kubernetes from scratch on a set of VMs from Bytemark, to improve the way I use the infrastructure behind Luzme, using the new container-based technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes, to provide a better, more maintainable, more scalable system Luzme uses a diverse stack of technologies, including Percona (a MySQL-compatible database), Firebase (real-time NoSQL), Redis, Celery, Django, Solr, AngularJS, Python.

npm "uid must be an unsigned int"

This is a bug in npm v3.10.8. See my error report for angular-cli:

Firebase : How To Paginate - A Quick Guide

Pagination, or “How to Fetch a Data Set in Parts” You want to provide a quick initial set of data to your Firebase user, say the first 5 blog posts. If they want more, you can serve up what is needed, always being considerate of their waiting time and network data usage. This is a great design pattern, because it is optimising the right thing at the right time. At the start, you care most about speed, and giving the user something to work with.

babel: "import path from 'path';" error

I set up a new project to use Google’s Web Toolkit framework, which uses babel in its gulpfile. All looks good, but I get this error ` $ gulp e2e-test [09:01:05] Requiring external module babel-register CWD/gulpfile.babel.js:27 import path from ‘path’; ^^^^^^ SyntaxError: Unexpected reserved word at exports.runInThisContext (vm.js:53:16) at Module._compile (module.js:373:25) at loader (CWD/node_modules/babel-register/lib/node.js:158:5) ` The cause: I need a .babelrc file to make it work. From the babel website, (https://babeljs.