Printing to Windows XP printer from Ubuntu

Enable “Print Services for Unix” on Windows XP machine and share printer. (I’m not actually sure that this is necessary, it might be a red herring…) When you add the printer in Ubuntu, 1. Choose "Network Printer" and "Windows Printer (SMB)" 2. put your Workgroup in the Host field 3. Put “guest@/” in the Printer field (replacing and with your host & printer names) So, for example, if your Windows machine was called “Dozer” and your printer was called “LaserPrinter”, you would put “guest@Dozer/LaserPrinter”.

MythTV / PVR-350 / Ubuntu

This blog entry used to contain an overview for constructing a MythTV box from Ubuntu and a Hauppauge PVR-350 card. I’ve moved it from the blog into a permanent page here.