Dual-Boot Windows XP with Ubuntu Linux

If you install grub, setting it up for a dual boot Linux and WindowsXP, and then you get an “autochk fail” error when you try booting into WindowsXP, check that the Windows partition is not hidden. If it is, add an “unhide” line before the “root” line in your menu.lst. Like so, title Windows XP Professional unhide (sd0,1) root (sd0,1) makeactive chainloader +1 This example shows a SCSI disk with WindowsXP on the 2nd partition.

Installing Ubuntu Hoary from LiveCD

Note: This will not necessarily get you the installation you would have from an official installation CD! Use with caution… I installed Hoary into a single partition, formatted as ext3 on a SCSI disk, with one other partition as swap. So I’ll be referring to /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6 in this walk-through - you will need to use the right names for your installation. Why did I do this? I wanted Hoary on one of my machines.

Installing apxs2 on Ubuntu Warty

I need to install an apache module from source, but apxs2 is nowhere to be seen on the system. apt-cache search apxs2 doesn’t help, where can it be? A quick question on irc.freenode.net #ubuntu, and the answer is there: install apache2-prefork-dev.