Review: "Discover Meteor",Tom Coleman & Sacha Greif

Currently available at $39 and upwards (May 2014)

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Meteor is a new web framework which promises near-real time data updates on the client.

If you’re planning to learn how to learn Meteor (which you should, it’s awesome!), you need this book “Discover Meteor”.

The starting price is $39, with higher prices available for the book with extra goodies.

However you value your time, you’ll make that price back by the time you’ve got your first Meteor app up and running.

The book works by going through the process of building an example app; new concepts are introduced along the way. All the concepts come with example code, and it’s really clear where that code is supposed to go. Which is useful because a Meteor app has all the client code and the server code bundled together in the same codebase.

They provide a git repository, with commits corresponding to each code change they introduce; plus live examples of each step. This is the way to write an introductory code textbook!

So by reading the code, and building the app along with them, you very quickly get an understanding of how to build a Meteor app, and can start experimenting on your own.

And they’re updating the book as Meteor evolves, which is great.

Here’s my first Meteor site: Infinite Shelf Space

Great book, guys! and I hope you bring out an “Advanced Meteor” book to cover all the questions I’m now coming up with.

Disclaimer: I was given this book for review. My opinions are, however, my own.