NetlifyCMS: a quick way to setup a static blog with a web admin interface

I need to quickly set up a blog to help share some neighbourly information. NetlifyCMS is my friend. Go to Click “Get Started” Choose to start with a Hugo Site Starter (since that’s what I’m familiar with); also available are Gatsby, Middleman and Preact. Click “Deploy to Netlify” (where I already have an account) Provide access to my Gitlab account A few minutes later, I have a deployed barebones site, with the content stored under version control in Gitlab.

How To Migrate a Website from Wordpress to Hugo

I decided to migrate this website from Wordpress to Hugo for two reasons: Static websites are faster than database-driven Static websites are cheaper Here’s how I did it. 1. Decide Whether Leaving WordPress Is Possible 3 Things to consider before leaving Wordpress Search Forms plugins 1.1 Search details various options for adding search to your Hugo website. 1.2 Forms My preferred site for hosting is currently Netlify.