VirginBroadband ssh timeouts

I attempted to upgrade to Virgin’s 50 Mbps Internet, so they replaced my old cable modem with their new SuperHub. And immediately my ssh connections to remote servers started timing out after a couple of mins. Very annoying… I’ve been on the phone to their support team and have so far been told: “It’s a known problem with some hubs, we’ll send you another one.” “It works for me. Can’t be a problem.

VirginBroadband 50 Mbps service - check upload speed before ordering

I get broadband Internet from Virgin, was 10 Mbps but I got seduced by the promise of a 5 Mbps upload speed to upgrade to the 50 Mbps service. Engineer came, replaced old cable model with whizzy new SuperHub, left. And that’s when all my problems started… 3 problems: engineer didn’t use power supply which came with the hub, just reused the old one (wrong voltage, wrong amps, ran far too hot) Upload speed still less than 1 Mbps.