MBR problem solved

I’ve got one machine with a totally screwed MBR. Booted into Ubuntu LiveCD, mounted main partition. Reinstalled grub. Working. Phew. mount /dev/sda7 /media/maverick grub-install --root-directory=/media/maverick /dev/sda reboot

2 essential rescue CDs...

For when you need to resize the partition you usually work in GParted LiveCD And for when you’ve muffed up your grub installation, and can’t work out how to use grub-install Super Grub Disk

CoLinux for Ubuntu

To install from scratch, follow instructions for installing Debian Sid here Now upgrade Debian Sid to Ubuntu Hoary Edit /etc/apt/sources.list, comment out Debian references, insert Hoary ones apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade Alternatively, if you already have Ubuntu installed on a separate partition, then you can follow the the instructions for running a dual-boot CoLinux setup

Installing CoLinux on WindowsXP

This assumes that you don’t already have a Linux installation on a dual-boot machine that you want to use, and are going to install Linux from scratch. If you do already have a working Linux setup, then you can use it. The CoLinux FAQ explains how to configure coLinux on a dual-boot machine Get a 2nd IP address assigned that you can use on your Windows machine for the colinux interface (assuming you’ve already got one assigned to the main interface) Download colinux-0.

Printing to Windows XP printer from Ubuntu

Enable “Print Services for Unix” on Windows XP machine and share printer. (I’m not actually sure that this is necessary, it might be a red herring…) When you add the printer in Ubuntu, 1. Choose "Network Printer" and "Windows Printer (SMB)" 2. put your Workgroup in the Host field 3. Put “guest@/” in the Printer field (replacing and with your host & printer names) So, for example, if your Windows machine was called “Dozer” and your printer was called “LaserPrinter”, you would put “guest@Dozer/LaserPrinter”.