Book Reviews

Review: "Discover Meteor",Tom Coleman & Sacha Greif Currently available at $39 and upwards (May 2014) Check the current live price at Luzme Meteor is a new web framework which promises near-real time data updates on the client. If you’re planning to learn how to learn Meteor (which you should, it’s awesome!), you need this book “Discover Meteor”. The starting price is $39, with higher prices available for the book with extra goodies. However you value your time, you’ll make that price back by the time you’ve got your first Meteor app up and running.

Review: "Instant RabbitMQ" by Andrew Keig

This is a review of the book “Instant RabbitMQ Messaging Application Development How-to” by Andrew Keig, in the “Instant” series (“Short, Fast, Focussed”) by Packt Pubiishing. Disclaimer: I was given this book for review by Packt Publishing. My opinions are, however, my own. Currently on offer at £5.09, usual price £5.99 (Jun 2013) Live ebook prices are available at Luzme The book starts with “What can RabbitMQ do for you?

Review: "Lean Analytics" by Alistair Croll, Benjamin Yoskovitz; O'Reilly Media

Alistair Croll & Benjamin Yoskovitz have written Lean Analytics for the entrepreneur who’s using the “Lean Startup” ideas of business model development. Lean Startup is big on data-driven decisions; “don’t guess - measure”. And then change your plan based on what you learnt. This book focuses on that measurement, how to choose the metric, how to measure it, how to use the results. The authors use many case studies to illustrate their experiences, which I found very useful.