Writing Apache modules

Apache1 modules If you need to know about Apache1 modules, the answer’s simple. Buy the O’Reilly book “Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C”” by Lincoln Stein & Doug MacEachern… Apache 2 modules Unless you’ve got the patience of a saint, or already know how to do it, give up now! :-) More seriously, the online documentation available to tell you what the (major) differences between Apache1 and Apache2 modules is extremely limited or non-existent.

Installing apxs2 on Ubuntu Warty

I need to install an apache module from source, but apxs2 is nowhere to be seen on the system. apt-cache search apxs2 doesn’t help, where can it be? A quick question on irc.freenode.net #ubuntu, and the answer is there: install apache2-prefork-dev.