Steve Blank new ‘Lean Startup’ book not available as ebook

Steve Blank is famous as part of the “Lean Startup” / “Customer
Development” idea of growing a business (and if you are in publishing
and don’t know about these concepts, google them and learn because
someone who does is about to eat your business…)

He was scheduled to start a new ‘Lean Launchpad’ course at Stanford
this month, available free over the Internet. But he’s postponed it
for two months to rewrite the course based on his new book “The
Startup Owner’s Manual”, available next month.

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Almost every comment on his blog page says “Great! Want the new book!
Please can we have an ebook version?”

He is undoubtedly someone worth listening to; I’m really looking
forward to the course.

But I do find it slightly amusing that he didn’t do the “Customer
Development” about his own book 🙂

Would it *really* have been that hard to release both a physical book
and an ebook at the same time?

It looks as though he’s decided to self-publish, and is using Amazon
for payments. But not for publishing. Strange.

P.S. Why do I care? Because I want to buy the book and he’s just doubled the price for me here in the UK

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